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ok y’all 

how do i ask a boy out 

roses are red
violets are blue
guess what, my bed
has room for two


twinkle twinkle little star
we can do it in a car


row, row, row your boat
gently down the stream
merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily
i can make you scream

I feel like the last one is verging dangerously into serial killer territory


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pairing: killua/gon

notes: quickfic, post chimeras.


“Can I put my hand here?”

Killua scoffs, angling his face away. “What are you trying to get at, idiot?”

“Nothing,” Gon hums. His fingers trace along the underside of Killua’s wrist, lingering on the blue curve of his pulse. “I was just wondering.”

“Wondering what?” Killua nearly chokes. Gon’s touch is warm, an almost-forgotten sort of presence. Like a ghost of something once-lost, something buried deep. “Gon—

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thegirlwhocountsstars asked
Lyra, you like Infinite, too? Woah, for some reason I didn't think that you'd like k-pop. \(0_0)/ Do you like any other groups/songs? Or just Infinite? Sorry for the half rant, I'm just curious : D

WHAT? I love k-pop. I can listen to everything to be honest. I don’t particularly have a favorite band that I follow or anything, I get interested mostly in singles from each band and singer. Sometimes I go to blogs and I fall in love with the song playing from the playlist and feel like I need to have it on my ipod, that’s pretty much how it happens xD “Back” is amazing RIGHT?


I was talking about why Chef Gordon Ramsay was so angry all the time, and explained that he originally wanted to be a professional soccer player but suffered a really bad knee injury and couldn’t play anymore, so he poured himself into cooking and culinary arts to help with his anger issues, but his abusive alcoholic father disapproved of his cooking and died before ever tasting any of it and I realized that Gordon Ramsay has the most anime backstory ever.


i dont understand how people can just get tattoos without even giving it a second thought i cant even find the commitment to stick a sticker somewhere


do u guys understand how much canary cares about killua, she cares more than his own family and she’s only his butler. she knows he is the only one who can still be “saved” and she’ll do whatever it takes to help him being happy even if it takes her own life

im not going through this again fuck off hunter x hunter